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You just found the personal website of Lan Wang,

a passionate game designer in Vancouver, Canada. 

More About Me

Lan Wang is a game designer working at IGG Canada, with a diverse educational and professional background. In addition to her Master's degree in Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Media, Lan also holds a Master's degree in Fine Art and a bachelor's degree in Engineering. This diverse range of experiences has given Lan a well-rounded skill set and the ability to approach game design from multiple angles. As a team player, Lan brings her passion for game design and technical expertise to the table, striving to create engaging and enjoyable games.


Mythic heroes

Game Designer

Mythic Heroes is a casual idle RPG full of powerful Gods and heroes from different cultures, where you summon and form your own unique team. As a member of the design team, I deeply engage in the entire production pipeline and actively collaborate with other team members.



the way

Game Designer / Project Manager

Paving the way is a prize-winning casual game that incubated during the week-long Cross-Cultural Impact Jam. Since the theme of this game jam is "amplify the voice", this game aims to raise public attention to visually impaired persons. Players experience what it’s like to be a visually impaired person by helping them navigate through town using tactile paving.


Fête Accomplie

Lead Game Designer / 3D Artist 

Fête Accomplie is a third-person isometric 3D PC game that helps coach players on decision-making when holding a music festival. Throughout the gameplay, players follow the music festival preparation workflow and internalize the music festival operation experience.


The Golden Recipe

Game Designer / 2D Artist / Video Editor

The Golden Recipe is a third-person adventure RPG that focuses on a battle-based journey, with a cooking challenge on each level to enhance the engagement of the game. I participated in this project as the 2D artist and video editor, and I am also responsible for the interface design and animation.


Besides games...

FinalPresentationDRAFT.pptx - Google Chr

Fine Art Projects


I have created a series of artwork and held a thesis exhibition when I was pursuing an MFA degree at NYSCC. These artworks including PC games, interactive installations, and digital prints. Although being present in different ways, they all have the same theme: to explore the boundary between cyberspace and reality.

Industry Projects

Technical Designer and Video Editor

During the first term of CDM, I got an opportunity to work as a technical designer in an industry project, Digitales, which is initiated by Bradfield Narrative Designs Inc. Digitales is a project that focuses on providing a gamified experience for young kids and a solution for literacy and storytelling.

3D Art Design

3D Artist with MagicaVoxel

MagicaVoxel is a lightweight, super effective voxel modeling software, and I use it as a rapid prototype tool to deliver visual concepts. 


Contact Me

wanglan.yuki [at] gmail [dot] com

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