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About Me

Lan Wang is a game designer that holds a Master's degree in Electronic Integrated Art from NYSCC (New York State College of Ceramic in Alfred University). She also received a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from BFU (Beijing Forestry University).
As a passionate gamer and a team player, Lan believes in the power of teamwork. With a cross-professional background, she is dedicated to exploring new potentials of game design. To improve herself and provide more support to the whole team, Lan taught herself many skills, such as 2D/3D rigging, skin-meshed animation, pixel/voxel arts, and game development skills based on Unity. 
When pursuing her MFA degree in NYSCC, she started to make game demos with Unity and finished an internship in NetEase as a game designer. During the MDM program, she worked on game projects in multiple roles: game designer, 2D/3D artist, video editor, and developer. She participated in the Cross-Cultural Impact Jam on March 2021, and the game she made honorably received the Grand Prize. 

Besides, she is also a active member of various sub-culture community: She is a part-time game youtuber, make game walkthrough videos and publish them on platforms(mostly in Mandarin). 

Skill Sets: 
Game Designer
Video Editor

Proficient at Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office

Familiar with Unity, C/C#

Familiar with 3D modeling and rigging, UI design and Figma

Basic painting skills and vector, pixel art creating skills

*And a super hardcore fan of simulation/strategy games and tycoon games. I poured thousands of hours into this genre*

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