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Fête Accomplie

MDM Industry Project - The General Consulate of France in Vancouver

Game Designer / 3D Artist

  • Designed entire game mechanic: scenario system, preparation and festival phases, etc.

  • Designed metrics of the scenario system and preparation phase

  • Designed game flow charts and ERD for development

  • Designed the user flow of game UI and guidance

  • Create 3D models for in-game buildings

Fête Accomplie is a third-person isometric 3D PC game that helps coach players for decision-making when holding a music festival. Players will play as festival directors, go across various realistic scenarios in the fast-paced working environment. Throughout the gameplay, players follow the music festival preparation workflow and internalize the music festival operation experience. 

  • Development - Unity + Playmaker

  • UI design - Figma, Adobe Photoshop

  • 3D Models - MagicaVoxel

  • Game Design - Twine,, Microsoft Excel (for spreadsheet management)

Fête Accomplie is an MDM industry project collaborated with the General Consulate of France in Vancouver. The project was developed by Masters students from the Centre for Digital Media, based on an original idea from the Embassy of France in Canada.The project was raised as a serious game with information and training features about the environment of a music festival. 

As a free project that opens to the public, Fête Accomplie not only serves as a educational tool, but also becomes a significant part of the link between the cultural sector and the music industry.

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The gameplay begins with the preparation stage, where players will make mandatory choices such as artists list, stage, promotions, etc. They can also choose to prepare some optional contingency plans. 

The festival stage involves controlling a manager character and moving around the environment, tackling various scenarios. Scenarios are timed events based on real-world festival case studies. Players will have to make quick decisions to resolve these scenarios that will heavily affect the final result and public opinion of this festival. While making these choices, players will learn how to manage audience satisfaction and budget. These are critical elements for a festival's success; the final result will display these metrics and give players a chance to reflect on their choices. 

As the lead designer, I designed the gameplay and metrics of the scenario system and preparation phase. Besides gameplay, I am also responsible for making 3D models of the game scene and buildings. The game was developed with Unity, and 3D models of buildings are made with MagicaVoxel. 

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