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Beyond the Boundary

Master of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition - Turner Gallery, Alfred University




Like-like is a game project developed with Unity 3D. The game process simulates a person who will spend all day on social media and try clicking likes to attract attention. 

Beyond the Boundary is the thesis exhibition I held when I was pursuing an MFA degree at NYSCC. The exhibition, as its name indicates, aims to explore and delineate invisible boundaries. Exhibited artworks including PC games, interactive installations, and digital prints. 

From the 1960s, the Internet has been invented and reached the whole world, the idea of cyberspace has been put forward, and became a significant part of our real world. At first, people could still tell there is a line between the real world and cyberspace, but the field of cyberspace suddenly expanded and even merged with our daily life. People pour emotions and energy into their virtual identities in cyberspace, then an invisible new world appeared. That's how we create a world--a virtual world that consists of cyberspace and human cognition. With that idea in mind, a few questions generate in my head--Is there still a clear boundary between the virtual world and the real world that we can see? Could our real-world be virtualized? Could the virtual world get materialization? By designing some specific occasion, we can try to explore the boundary, and this experience would provide some feedback, as if we are using radar to delineate the edge of that shapeless virtual world.

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